Simple and Easy health solution providers

Be Seen, Be Cared For and being professional. 


These services are so cool, great and helps in interpreting health digital data into an easy to understnd way. 

Matchmaking patient&caregiver system

everywhere everytime

Users of the app can search resumes and applications of local professional caregivers to find the right fit for their families. ... Read More

Risk Detection Tool

Early warning, Risk reduction

We will detect risk of stroke and heart disease based on user's heart rate to assist caregivers in understanding the sysmptoms ... Read More

Stress and attention level detection

We help you stay focused!

Understanding the level of attention and stress using wearble brain signal transferes, will help individuals and managers to prevent burnout. ... Read More

Finding right insurance plan

Risk prediction tool

Are you working in an isurance company?! Do you want to provide best a win-win insurance plan?! Then Taktify is your assistant ... Read More