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Currently, medical centres are lacking staff to provide proper care to those who need it. As a consequence, people suffer from inefficient care services and unnecessarily (that could be you, or your parents, or your kids).

We make sure that time is made available to care and cure people and help managers manage all their scheduling and resources in less than 1 second, in a fully automated way.

Personalized Care Services Smart Resource Allocation

Each care team spends 1 non refundable hour daily for scheduling or 28 hours monthly. If we add a minimum hourly rate of 10 euros for each caregiver then 672000 euros can be saved yearly for each 200 caregiver!


We decide based on several items

Administrative staff, nurse supervisors and planners in care organizations need a precise forecast of resources and care demands to be always prepared for planned and unplanned care.  So by analyzing the huge amounts of historical care data and using artificial intelligence techniques we are going to help care organizations with their resource allocation and as a result better care services.

Availability 100%
Skill Level 90%
Distance 75%
Patient Satisfaction 55%


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